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Easy-Forex Review - Is Easy-Forex Really "Easy"? Easy-Forex has rapidly become one of the biggest players in the currency trading market.Part of the reason for this is its name! Easy-Forex implies that Forex trading is easy, which of course we all know is not altogether true.However, when you are just starting in Forex trading, the first thing you need to know is how much assistance and training you are going to get. So the purpose of an Easy-Forex review must be to see how far a system that calls itself Easy-Forex actually succeeds in making things "easy".Easy-Forex does in fact have a number of unique features that do make it as easy as it can be to get a foothold in Forex trading.One of the features of Easy-Forex that many people find attractive is that there is no software to download. This is not actually unique to Easy-Forex but it gives it an edge over trading platforms that do require a software download, which is the majority. If you have had your share of download problems and set-up glitches, you will certainly appreciate this. Plus it means that you can access your account instantly from any PC anywhere in the world.Easy-Forex make it very easy to make a trade by allowing you to deposit funds using your credit card or Paypal. This avoids the frustration of finding that by the time your funds are in place, the price has moved.Where Easy-Forex really scores is that it has a human face! This makes it probably the best Forex trading system for you if you are just starting. As soon as you register you are allocated your own personal account manager who works closely with you and who is very easy to get hold of when you have a question. The manager will advise you and will walk you through the initial stages. This to me is worth A LOT. And it is a better way of learning the ropes than using a demo account.You don't have to pay a commission to Easy-Forex when you make a winning trade. This is because Easy-Forex makes its profits from competitive spreads. Some people sneer at this, alleging that it means they can't call themselves commission-free. But of course they are a business so they have to make a profit somewhere - but they aren't making it directly from YOU.One very big plus for Easy-Forex is the freeze-rate option that they offer. If you are a hesitant person, like me, it is extremely valuable. It gives you "thinking time" while deciding whether to accept a trade. Without it, the rate could change while you are hesitating and you could lose a good opportunity. Alternatively you might plunge into trades which on reflection might not be a good idea.So there are features which do help to put the "easy" in Easy-Forex. But of course an Easy-Forex review would not be an Easy-Forex review without weighing up the negatives too. And you will see some very disgruntled people putting negative comments on the forums.The majority of these seem to be from people who have lost money with Easy-Forex. And make no mistake, you WILL have losing trades. If you can't cope with this, Forex trading is not for you, period. The real secret of trading Forex is to make sure that your winning trades outnumber your losing trades. And to do this, it is essential that you know what you're doing. To this end, Easy-Forex is acknowledged to have the most thorough and personal tutorial service of any Forex trading system.Another point that people complain about is that if you carry over a day-trade to the next day, Easy-Forex make a charge, and if you don't have that money in your account, they deduct it from your credit-card without prior warning. To prevent this, it is essential that you keep sufficient money in your account.An Easy-Forex review cannot provide a complete analysis of Easy-Forex - it can only weigh up the pros and cons. There are other excellent Forex trading systems on the market and of course you need to compare them, though in my experience Easy-Forex has more unique features to make it really easy to start trading. But whether it is for YOU, only you can decide!

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