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Before you open a live account with Straighthold Investment Group, we insist that you open a demo account beforehand. A demo account will enable you to test yourself in real Forex market conditions, to experience the trading platform possibilities, to try out your trading system without financial risk and to evaluate the Straighthold Investment Group operations and the LiteForex project.
A demo account does not differ from a live one except for the fact that you take no risks while trading, since you do not need a deposit on this account.
When you open a demo account you personally indicate the amount of your "virtual" deposit. But we strongly recommend that you indicate the particular amount you wish to credit your future live account.
Kindly remember that all trading and financial operations on the LiteForex project Lite group accounts are executed in cents (1/100 US dollar). So, you need to indicate the desired "virtual" deposit in cents.
To open a demo account you need to do the following:
download and install our trading terminal;
When you start the terminal up for the first time, you will be asked to fill out a registration form to open the demo account. Please, fill it out with your personal data, then choose a leverage size and indicate an amount for the desired "virtual" deposit, then press NEXT>. Next you will be asked to choose a trading server from the server list. You’ll need to select the server with the address SIG-Demo.com, then click NEXT>.
To be sure that your terminal is able to connect to a server, we recommended that you press SCAN before you choose a server.
After your successful registration, a demo account will be opened and you will see its number and two passwords: one for trader and for investor (without the possibility of trading). Please, remember this information and click on FINISH.
Your new account will appear in the NAVIGATOR window; your terminal will automatically connect to a trading server.
Within several seconds after you have opened a simulated account and connected to a server, you will receive notification of a new account and information about how to access it on your terminal, via internal e-mail.
You can change the language of the program interface. Enter VIEW->Languages and choose your language from the list. Close the program and restart it.

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